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Torus Annular BOP

Torus Annular Blowout Preventer, 7-1/16”, 9” & 11”, 1,500# – 3,000# Working Pressures.



Regan Type “K” BOP’s

Type “K” (Regan) Stripper/ BOP. 2-7″ Nominal I.D.

Type K





Kinzbach Pressure Relief Valves
Flanged, NPT, EUE, or 1502 Connections. 150# – 15,000# Adjustable Relief Settings. Two or Four Spring models


112 TanKinz Tan





10,000 – 60,000# High Pressure Fittings

Autoclave Type High Pressure Needle Valves, Check Valves, Crosses, Tees, Els, Adapters, Nipples & Fittings, from 10,000# to 60,000#.  Ball Valves, 10,000 – 20,000#.






Pressure Gauges                                                                                             

Face sizes of 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 4”, 4.5”, and 6”; Pressure ranges:  vacuum to 60,000#; lower, back, or panel mount.  Liquid or Dry.  Brass or All Stainless.         







B7 Studs & Ring Gaskets                                                                                              

B7 Stud sizes from ½” to 2-1/4” O.D. (Black, Cad-Plated or Coated)                                                                          

API/ANSI Ring Gaskets: cad-plated steel, 304SS, 316SS & rubber coated.  




Gate Valve Parts & Fittings                                                                                         

Parts for Cameron Slab Type “CIW” and WKM Two Piece Gate Valves.

Body grease fittings, plastic injection fittings, lube adapter fittings, etc.






Choke Valve Parts & Valve Assemblies                                                                                  

Choke parts for MSI, OCT (Best), Gulfco (Flo-Con), Thornhill Craver, Cameron, National, and McAfee; (stems, seats, cage nipples, indicator barrels, choke pkg, positive beans) Choke Assemblies (MSI, OCT, & CIW Profile) available in 2,000# – 15,000# working pressures, 1/2″ – 2” Maximum Orifice.          





Ball Valves, Check Valves & Parts                                                                                             

Piper Ball & Check Valves (National Profile) From 1” to 10” in Pressure Ranges of 2,000#, 3,170#, 5,000#, 6,170# & 10,000# Working Pressure w/ Threaded, Butt Weld or Flanged Ends.    




Plug Valves                                                                                      

MSI Plug Valves (Halliburton & FMC profile)  1” – 5” 5/10/15,000# Working Pressure. Threaded, 1002, 1502, & Flanged Ends. Fittings, Adapters, Chokes & Flow Line (NPST)




Pump Parts 

MSI Pump Parts for 2.75″- 4.5″ 600/1000 hp fluid ends.




Needle Valves, Nipples, & Bull Plugs                                                                                    

Needle Valves; 10,000# working pressure, angle and straight, 1/2” NPT and 1/4” NPT connections, XXH Bull Plugs, XXH Nipples & Tubing Nipples

Nip BP Adapt




API and ANSI Flanges




 Valve Lubricant & Grease Guns                                                                               

Synthetic Valve Lubricants (High Pressure Plug Valves, Gate Valves, Ball Valves), Sealants, Cleaners. Lubrication Equipment: Grease Guns & Parts





BOP Packers & Parts (Ram & Annular)                                                                                   

Rubber Products Consisting of: Ram BOP Face Seals, Top Seals, Door Seals (Cameron, WSI, Shaffer, Bowen) K-20 Diaphragms & Stabilizers,      



Rubber Products                                                                                             

Stripper Rubbers (Coil Tubing, BIW, JU, & Short Hall), Mud Bucket Seals & Pipe Wipers.