MSI Flow Products and Pumps

Piper Oilfield Products has been the master representative for MSI / Dixie Iron Works for the better part of the United States for 25 YEARS! Let us know how we can help you today.

Piper Oilfield Products stocks the largest supply of MSI products in the United States throughout our SIX strategic locations. In addition to 1502 flow products we also keep large volumes of triplex 600hp and quintuplex 1000hp fluid end and pump expendables.

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Standard Fluid End Pump Parts


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Hybrid Fluid End Pump Parts

MSI Long Barrel Trash Catcher




We stock ample amount of MSI Standard and Hybrid fluid end components from 2.75″ through 4.5″ to assist all well servicing companies. MSI’s patent pending “Hybrid” design is revolutionary and we are proud to provide the best equipment available.

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We offer a full line of companion flanges from 1502, ANSI, bevel for weld, and NPT. In addition, we provide all lengths and diameters of B7 stud bolts, ring gaskets, and hammer wrenches to pair well with the flanges.


We offer 1502 swivels in all styles including some of the most popular style 50, 10, and 30. We currently have 2″ 1502, 3″ 1502, and 4″ 1002 swivels in stock.


We have our own line of grease and lubricants private labeled for us by one of the most premier makers in the industry.


We keep a complete line of lubricant and lubrication equipment in stock.

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