Oil States Piper Valve

Piper Oilfield Products is the exclusive representative for Oil States Piper Valve for the following regions:


  • Rocky Mountain Region
  • Williston Basin
  • Appalachia
  • Mid-Continent (including Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle. Kansas, and Northern Arkansas)


These Piper Oilfield Products stores are also points of distribution for Oil States Piper Valve, carrying substantial inventory of valves and repair kits.





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Questar Location - Sublette County (2)





Oil States Piper Valve designs and manufactures compact high pressure valves and manifold system components for all environments of the oil & gas industry including onshore, offshore, and subsea applications.

OSPV valve and manifold bores are designed to closely match the inside diameter of the required pipe schedule for the system working pressure. The result is elimination of piping transition areas that minimize erosion and system friction pressure loss, resulting in a more efficient flow path.


The floating ball valve design with its large ball/seat interface has over 30 years of field service experience in upstream unprocessed produced fluid and gas, assuring reliable service.

Optimum Flow Technology– It’s our way of helping you maximize space, minimize weight, and increase production.






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Circ Manifold





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